Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lifethread: A Book about Life and Friendship

In my sacred writing space office, I have a special shelf for Keepers. These are books I read over and over again, by authors I admire. Most of these authors are people I've never met (and if I do, I'll probably be too tongue-tied to say more than "HiOMGiLuvYourWrItinG!"

Then there are books by mentors, amazing industry professionals I've had the good fortune to meet and learn from. There are also books from writing friends, with personal messages scribbled inside. In other words, the Keeper Shelf is home to books that've meant something to me.

Joining this treasure trove is a new book: LIFETHREAD written by my wonderful Critique Partner Lucie J. Charles.

Lucie and I met on a crit loop and I fell in love with her stories. Her characters and words are amazing. I'd happily kiss her adult heroes and bake apple pies or go man-hunting in the swamps of Louisiana with her heroines. Her way with words not only leaves me wanting to read more of her stories, it's helped me grow as a writer.

Now I've been one of the people fortunate enough to see Lifethread evolve --from rough draft to finished. And I've enjoyed every minute of it. What's not to enjoy? The book has demons, the Fates, a hunk and three spunky heroines. It's about life and death, and most importantly friendship.

Here's the backcover blurb:

Stuck in her senior year of high school until she earns her humanity, McKenna Fin is responsible for cutting the lifethread of demons, and protecting teens from being possessed. To celebrate her fiftieth year of apprenticeship to the Fate Atropos, McKenna is given a new responsibility, and possibly a quick way to earn her humanity—severing the lifethread of deserving humans. Her first assignment: Nathan Quinn.
When Nathan becomes a primary demon target and gets sucked into Tartania, McKenna’s duty as a Fated priestess demands she follow. McKenna can rescue him, no problem, but then she’d have to cut his lifethread. And he’s the one and only guy she’s been attracted to since forever.
 The demons consider Nathan one of their own and fight to keep him. The time limit on Nathan's life is about to run out, and McKenna has to make the decision: sever his lifethread, or battle demons, defy the Fates, and keep him for her own.
Lucie recently ventured into the brave arena of self-publishing and I applaud her for being confident enough to go after her dream. Sometimes the wait takes forever and dreams taste sweeter when achieved during one's lifetime. So help support a wonderful author by checking out
Lucie's FREE short story, Lifethread: Mistake, now available at onKindle.  
You can learn more about Lifethread here.


  1. Hi, Rashda.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful review of Lifethread. I like to think of it as our success since you put hours of crit time into polishing the ms.

    Lucie j.

  2. I loved Lifethread. I am a mythology geek, so the world-building sucked me into the story immediately. The characters kept me there. Even though the heroine attends high school, she is identifiable for all age groups. This story is fantastic!


  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting! It is a good story and so deserves to be read.