About Me

1. Originally from Bangladesh, I now live in the wilds of West Texas where the cowboys wear tight jeans and boots. :P

2. My personal cowboy is a West Texas cotton farmer who two-stepped right into my heart.

3. After about 10 years of reporting (in newspapers and television), I retired from the business to raise a family: 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a husband. Yes, my hands are full. But I missed the newsroom and its adrenaline rush...so when my old paper called me, I jumped back in and covered local government, water and food. Then I left again for a writing job with less stress and more perks.

4. I wrote a weekly newspaper column, The Family Table and from time to time write more in-depth food features. I love developing my own recipes, especially bringing together culinary traditions from my childhood and my marriage to create unusual and amazing flavors.

5. I once worked for the government and my job involved teaching cooking and nutrition classes to low-income clients in my county. I'm lucky to have found a job that allowed me to share my passion for food and make a difference in people's lives. I resigned from it in March 2011 to spend more time with family and pursue my dreams. Here's the post about it.

6. I also teach semi-regular culinary classes through our local university and community organizations, these are more exotic and gourmetish (I'm a writer...I have the right to invent words).

7. In other writing, I day dream of hunky heroes and spunky heroines, paranormal worlds, mischief and mayhem...and write them down as stories. To learn more about that part of my life visit my Mina Khan blog.

8. My first paranormal romance debut, THE DJINN'S DILEMMA, was published Nov. 1, 2011 by Harlequin.

9. I'm SpiceBites as well as rashda_sast on twitter, mommy-cake-maker at home. You can reach me via e-mail at rkhan@wcc.net

10. My ultimate indulgence: dark chocolate bread pudding with cold vanilla ice cream.

Thanks for visiting my site!