Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Cowboy and I dance & feast in medieaval times

The Cowboy and I came together thanks to dancing. I was getting ready to leave West Texas with one regret: Not having learned the Texas Two-Step. A friend of mine heard my whining and invited me out for a night of dancing with her friends. She assured me there'd be plenty of guys to teach me. Well, the Cowboy was there and he took me for a spin, then another...and I ended up learning the Two-Step, falling in love, and never leaving West Texas.

So when friends in the Santa Angela Renaissance Guild asked for volunteer dancers (who could bring their kids to the practices)for the Feast of Santa Angela, a community event, we jumped in with both feet. It's amazing how much flirting goes on in the dances. I guess somethings never change. Needless to say, the Cowboy and I have been diligently learning medieval-era English country dances, such as the Rufty-Tufty.

I also ended up writing my weekly column on the Renaissance-style dinner that will be enjoyed at the feast.

For research I used:

The informative website Gode Cookery

The Santa Angela Renaissance Guild

and A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke

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