Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recipes for Curried Chickpea & Vegetable Pulao from India Day

Once you leave a continent, the political borders of individual countries often cease to matter as much, become less of a divisive wall. If I ran into another American in France, for a moment at least, I wouldn’t be from Texas and he wouldn’t be from New York. We'd both be Americans. If we were trying to settle in a new country, most likely we’d share Thanksgiving and July 4th and other holidays. Because at that point what matters most is that common bond – America.

Similarly, people who come from different parts of the Indian-subcontinent, whether from Bangladesh or Sri Lanka tend to hang out together and identify themselves as desi or deshi. Desh means land. We are ultimately from the same land.

So when the local museum wanted to celebrate India and our small Indian-American community  asked me to help...I made my curried chickpeas and joined the party.

Preeti creates Henna Designs.

Usha paints a rangoli

To read my article on the event or to check out the recipes, click here.

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